A resource definition may contain a <documentation> element with a resource description, column description and example request/response pairs. The documentation element follows the query, metadata and optional http element.

Following is an example:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<rs:sqlResource xmlns:rs="http://restsql.org/schema"
   xsi:schemaLocation="http://restsql.org/schema SqlResource.xsd ">
      select actor_id, first_name, last_name "surname"
      from actor
      <database default="sakila" />
      <table name="actor" role="Parent" />
         <description>Actor information as resource</description>
         <column label="id" >
            <description>unique id</description>
         <column label="first_name">
            <description>First name of the actor</description>
         <column label="surname">
            <description>Last name of the actor</description>
              <request method="GET" uri="res/actor.Actor?_limit=10&_offset=0" />
	<actor id="1" first_name="PENELOPE" surname="GUINESS" />
	<actor id="2" first_name="NICK" surname="WAHLBERG" />
	<actor id="3" first_name="ED" surname="CHASE" />
	<actor id="4" first_name="JENNIFER" surname="DAVIS" />
	<actor id="5" first_name="JOHNNY" surname="LOLLOBRIGIDA" />
	<actor id="6" first_name="BETTE" surname="NICHOLSON" />
	<actor id="7" first_name="GRACE" surname="MOSTEL" />
	<actor id="8" first_name="MATTHEW" surname="JOHANSSON" />
	<actor id="9" first_name="JOE" surname="SWANK" />
	<actor id="10" first_name="CHRISTIAN" surname="GABLE" />

The doc is accessilble via http://host:port/restsql/conf/documentation/{resName} . The browser will make format it for human consumption with the referenced XSL stylesheet.