restSQL 0.8.10 adds performance monitoring and resource documentation.

Performance Monitoring

Codahale Metrics has been integrated into the framework. See the Monitoring for more info on capabilities and configuration.

SQL Resource Documentation

A resource definition may contain a <documentation> element with a resource description, column description and example request/response pairs. See SQL Resource Documentation for more detail.

Logging Improvements

On startup, restSQL now prints the logging conf location and number of properties loaded from the to the console:

INFO: restSQL using logging conf from $WEBAPPS/restsql/resources/properties/
INFO: restSQL loaded 5 properties from /etc/opt/restsql/

The same messages as well the customized properties are also written to the internal.log. An error is printed to the console if any problems are encountered, for example the or logging conf file are not found. The full configuration is still available at http://host:port/restsql/conf.