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0.8.13 - Oct 20, 2018

restSQL 0.8.13 adds tomcat log rotation and documentation improvements.

See the release notes for more detail.

0.8.12 - Mar 25, 2017

restSQL 0.8.12 adds Swagger.

The HTTP API is now published as Swagger JSON (OpenAPI Specification v2.0). The interactive Swagger UI is available in your local restSQL web service. See the release notes for more detail.

0.8.11 - Nov 11, 2015

restSQL 0.8.11 expands SQL operator support and improves resource customization.

The framework now supports Equals, Not Equals, Like, Greater Than, Less Than, Is Null and Is Not Null operators in read, update and delete query selectors. Additionally finer grained control of JSON response data form is now possible. See the release notes for more detail.

0.8.10 - Feb 16, 2015

restSQL 0.8.10 adds performance monitoring and resource documentation.

Codahale Metrics has been integrated into the framework. Documentation for developers may be added to resource definitions and readable via a browser request. See the release notes for more detail.

0.8.9 - Sep 28, 2014

restSQL 0.8.9 adds binary object support and improves security.

The framework adds CRUD operations for binary objects, a.k.a. BLOBs, with Base 64 string encoding. Protection against SQL Injection attacks was also added. See the release notes for more detail.

0.8.8 - Aug 3, 2014

restSQL 0.8.8 adds an automatic resource definition generation tool.

Get started with the framework faster by generating resource definitions for all tables in a database schema. The release also fixes a couple defects and refactored the design to enable simpler support for new database engines. See the release notes for more detail.

0.8.7 - Jan 11, 2014

restSQL 0.8.7 adds auto-increment/sequence-based column support and extends function-based column support to PostgreSQL.

Insert responses now embed the inserted object(s), including the value of an auto-generated numeric column value (usually a primary key). Function-based columns in select operations will now work in PostgreSQL, as well as MySQL. The release fixes two defects and involves a minor Java API change. See the release notes for more detail.

0.8.6 - March 5, 2013

restSQL 0.8.6 patch release

The release fixes two defects (GitHub issue 32, issue 35) and adds a Framework Developer Quick Start.

0.8.5 - Dec 16, 2012

restSQL 0.8.5 improves developer productivity.

The release adds the ability to reload a SQL Resource definition on demand (/restsql/conf/reload/{resName}) without a webapp restart. It also adds a mechanism to retrieve the SQL Resource's definition (/restsql/conf/definition/{resName}) as well as the framework's understanding of it's metadata (/restsql/conf/metadata/{resName}). See the HTTP API Reference.

0.8.4 - Nov 4, 2012

restSQL 0.8.4 restores Firefox compatibility.

The release restores support for Firefox, which was broken in release 0.8 with the JSON encoding enhancement. Firefox appends ;charset=UTF-8 to the Content-Type header when using XMLHttpRequest.setContentType() (GitHub issue 27).

0.8.3 - Oct 25, 2012

restSQL 0.8.3 adds SQL IN operator.

The release enables numeric, string and date column values matching a set of values in queries. See In Operator for more details. Additionally the release fixes a column aliasing (GitHub issue 24) and a JSON serialization issue (GitHub issue 25).

0.8.2 - Oct 9, 2012

restSQL 0.8.2 enables cache control response header configurability.

The release enables provides configurability of the Cache-Control response header at a system level and per-SQL resource override. See HTTP Configuration for more details. Additionally the release fixes JSON encoding, removing the improper quoting for these numeric and boolean values (GitHub issue 18).

0.8.1 - Sep 29, 2012

restSQL 0.8.1 adds comparison operators.

The release enables <, <=, > and >= operators for numeric, string and date/time parameters on read requests. See Comparison Operators for an overview and the GET by Query reference for an example.

0.8 - July 17, 2012

restSQL 0.8 adds JSON support.

The release enables JSON encoding for an HTTP API request and response entity (body). restSQL previously only supported XML encoding. See Media Types for an overview. All HTTP API reference documentation has also been updated to include JSON encoding instructions and examples.

The release also enables SQL functions in resource columns (MySQL only). Lastly it adds escaping for special characters values in XML encoding.

0.7.4 - Feb 19, 2012

restSQL 0.7.4 contains a bug fix and adds Java API examples.

The release fixes handling date, datetime, time and timestamp data types (GitHub issue 7). The SDK now includes example code using the Java API.

0.7.3 - Jan 16, 2012

restSQL 0.7.3 release adds unlimited SQL Resource table extensions.

SQL Resources in previous releases were constrained to a maximum of one parent and one child extension. 0.7.3 enables an SQL Resource to join an abitrary number of tables to create a flat or hierarchical application-specific view. See the release notes for more detail.

0.7.2 - Nov 19, 2011

restSQL 0.7.2 release adds SQL Resource hierarchical namespaces.

SQL resource namespaces may be organized into arbitrary-depth directories. The directory path is converted into dotted notation, following the Java package concept.

0.7.1 - Oct 23, 2011

restSQL 0.7.1 release adds table aliasing.

Aliases may be defined for SQL Resource parent and child tables. The alias instead of the table names appear as XML element names of request and response bodies.

0.7 - Sept 15, 2011

restSQL 0.7 release adds role-based access control.

The release adds resource authorization capability, ensuring users only access the SQL Resources and methods appropriate to their assigned role(s). It uses standard HTTP Basic or Digest authentication and standard JEE web app declarative security mechanisms. Credentials and role assignments are provided by a standard Realm plugin, which could be file-, RDBMS- or LDAP-based. Role to SQL Resource and request type assignments are provided via a simple configuration file.

0.6 - July 15, 2011

restSQL 0.6 release adds PostgreSQL interoperability.

The release extends database interoperability from MySQL to PostgreSQL. It also includes extension mechanisms to easily develop support for other database engines. The release additionally was tested with multiple application servers to ensure interoperability with any standard JEE container.

0.5 - May 14, 2011

restSQL 0.5 is the initial public release of the framework and Java and HTTP APIs. It interoperates with MySQL and Apache Tomcat.